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TSI is proud to announce our new Emergency Pre-Plan services. We will come to a customer’s facility and work with them to develop specific emergency pre-plans for that location.

 Scope of Work:

  • Initial visit to site
  • Review the facility (process areas, truck rack, tank car rack, the north and south tank fields, etc.) with individuals who are familiar with the location, i.e., operators, building manager, fire protections specialists, etc.
  • Locate and understand target hazards of the facility
  • Review any fixed fire protection systems, i.e., sprinklers, halon systems, water supply, fire water monitors, fire extinguishers, fire water hose stations, foam supplies, etc.
  • Review facility’s emergency alarm systems and procedures
  • Identify drainage features of the facility
  • Review portable fire pumps (location, size, etc.), review types and sizes of fire hose both on apparatus and in reserve
  • Review facility’s mobile emergency response apparatus. Insure fire emergency response apparatus has access in and around the facility and can egress if necessary
  • Determine what kind of mutual aid is available (industrial, municipal) and how much equipment
  • Identify primary and secondary sources of water
  • Review communication links with the facility, i.e., telephones, radios, cell phones, etc.
  • Identify individuals who can be used as liaisons between the emergency response personnel and the facility
  • Analyze evacuation locations
  • Understand facility’s construction materials including any fireproofing or special construction features
  • Identify any special needs for the location being pre-planned
  • Keep pre-emergency plan documents with first due emergency response equipment with additional copies for the Incident Commander and at the EOC
  • Review personnel resources (fire brigade, makeup, training, etc.)

Sample Programs: