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TSI is proud to announce our new Hydraulic Flow Testing and Study work.  We will come to a customer’s facility and work with testing their fire water infrastructure at different locations to determine the quality and integrity of their system design.  We will provide the UL listed testing equipment and manpower to perform the testing and providing the results of the tests for your review and submission to your underwriters or audit team.  

Scope of Work:

  • Initial visit to site
  • Review the facility (process areas, truck rack, tank car rack, the north and south tank fields, etc.) with individuals who are familiar with the location, i.e., operators, building manager, fire protections specialists, etc.
  • Locate and understand target hazards of the facility.
  • Review any fixed fire protection systems, i.e., sprinklers, halon systems, water supply, fire water monitors, fire extinguishers, fire water hose stations, foam supplies, etc.
  • Identify drainage features of the facility.
  • Review stationary fire pumps (location, size, etc.), review types and sizes of fire water mains both above ground and underground. 
  • Perform water flow testing in up to (4) quadrants of the facility based upon customers request.
  • Attempt to achieve maximum flow while still maintain system integrity.
  • Determine residual flow and pressure available during flow tests.
  • Analyze flow test results and make recommendations.